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Love Louder With LaMoon

Our exceptional fine jewelry collection chronicles the extraordinary phases of love with diamonds and colorful gemstones. Like a love song, each high jewelry piece represents a different step of love, from the first light of affection to a passionate obsession to the ultimate vow and eternity together. With each piece of jewelry, the feelings of love grow stronger and louder.

Discover the look in her eyes and catch the warmth of gold in the stones, sparkling like the morning sunrise. In this exceptional collection of gemstones and diamonds.

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Our Diamonds

We work with world-renowned diamond companies, and are dedicated to seeking out the very best diamonds that will speak to the quality of your love.

Our diamond is evaluated by the 4CS. Certified by the GIA.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

All our lab-grown diamonds are evaluated by GIA which signifies that each diamond has met the internationally recognized standards of the '4C's'.

Our lab-grown diamonds are among the highest quality you can find.

LaMoon Quality

Every piece of jewelry is made by our highly skilled jewelry craftsmen to ensure the diamonds and stones are held securely, providing strength as well as beauty to the multi-layered and dimensional setting.

We focus on the details.

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